Delicious Discoveries

Delicious Discoveries Vol. 17

When we woke up this morning, it was snowing for the first time this winter! My little boy was SO excited and wanted to wake everybody up and tell them that it’s snowing. So sweet to see the excitement of snow in children’s eyes! We had to walk to kindergarten today because we just HAD to play with all the snow (which was very little so far). So precious. Do you have snow already?

This week I shared three new recipes on my blog. My Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies were a massive hit and have all been eaten up already! My Whole30 Zucchini, Pea & Spinach Soup is packed full of veggies and so colorful – it makes a wonderful quick lunch! And my Persimmon & Blueberry Salad with Lemon, Honey and Poppy Seed Dressing is so delicious and makes a wonderful side dish!

Check out this week’s Delicious Discoveries:

Mushroom Korma … this looks incredibly delicious!!

Soft Gingerbread Tiles with Rum Butter Glaze … how yummy!!

30 Minute Spicy Miso Chicken Katsu Ramen … such a comforting bowl of soup!

Maple-glazed parsnip, chestnut and feta loaf … I love all those flavors!

Crispy Parmesan Roast Potatoes … forever loving crispy potatoes!

White Bean, Coconut & Roast Pepper Stew … get in my belly right now!

Meat-stuffed Pita … this looks so good!

Bursting Blueberry Lemon Layer Cake … wow! The colors!

Slow Cooked Beff & Chilli Castello Pie … I love pies!!

Tahini Chickpea & Spinach Fritters … need to make this asap!

Have a lovely weekend!! Have you got some Christmas decorations up already?

Andrea xx

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