Salted Caramel Cauliflower Porridge

The base for this decadent breakfast is cauliflower rice! Topped with coconut milk and salted caramel sauce, it is such a delicious treat!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might have come across my other cauliflower porridge recipes! I love eating cauliflower porridge as a healthy alternative to regular oatmeal porridge. I often eat the chocolate version and have made the peanut raspberry version a few times as well. It was time for a new recipe and this time I decided to make a salted caramel version – and it’s so delicious!

Ever since I made my salted caramel coconut sauce a few weeks ago, I’ve been incorporating it into many delicious recipes! This is one that I really love and while it’s obviously a bit of a decadent breakfast, it’s also healthy. The base is frozen cauliflower rice only which is cooked in a mixture of coconut milk, almond milk, coconut sugar, ground cinnamon and carob powder for the ultimate caramel flavor. Since the salted caramel coconut sauce is based on coconut products only, I really wanted to enhance the coconut flavor in the porridge as well!

And carob powder also has a natural caramel-like flavor! So lots of notes of caramel in this porridge. Have you ever heard of carob? Carob is made from dried, roasted carob tree pods. It’s an antioxidant and anti inflammatory and full of vitamins and other good things. It looks similar to cacao powder but doesn’t contain oxalates – so it’s a great alternative with a slightly more earthy taste. I’ve used it in a few recipes lately and I really enjoy its taste a lot. It adds a lovely natural sweetness to dishes!

And then of course you need to add some toppings to make your porridge even more decadent and yummy! I topped mine with a drizzle of coconut milk, more salted caramel sauce (yes please!), some hemp seeds and banana slices cut into stars. Because stars make everything cuter!

Do you know hemp seeds? I sprinkle them on smoothie bowls, oatmeal… any porridge actually! They are a great source of protein which makes them perfect for adding them to your otherwise protein-low breakfast. Hemp seeds are also a great source of vitamin E and minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.

Will you make this for breakfast soon? Or how about my Chocolate Cauliflower Porridge?

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 3 mins Cook Time 20 mins Total Time 23 mins
Servings: 1


The base for this decadent breakfast is cauliflower rice! Topped with coconut milk and salted caramel sauce, it becomes such a treat!



  1. Put cauliflower rice, almond milk, coconut milk, ground cinnamon, carob powder and coconut sugar in a pot. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 17-20 minutes until creamy. Most liquid should have evaporated at this point.

  2. Pour into a bowl. Add some more coconut milk and top and drizzle with salted caramel coconut sauce. Add half a sliced banana on top and some hemp seeds. Enjoy!


For the salted coconut caramel sauce, see here for my own recipe.

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