Refined Sugar Free Hibiscus Smoothie

This delicious healthy vegan smoothie contains only four ingredients – one of which is even a vegetable! It’s a healthy and refreshing start into your day!

How about starting the day with a yummy healthy smoothie? If you love that as much as I do, then this one is for you! There are days when it’s faster to drink our breakfast and make a smoothie! However, there are also days when it’s nice to have a smoothie on the side of something else like porridge or eggs. For those days I don’t like to add protein to the smoothie as well. So this one is a light smoothie!

It’s super refreshing and full of great stuff! Even a hidden vegetable is in there which you would never suspect. And if you know me, then you can probably also guess which one it is… frozen cauliflower rice of course! It’s perfect for making smoothies and smoothie bowls creamier and cold. And no, you REALLY cannot taste it, I promise you.

So, this smoothie contains only four ingredients with two optional toppings. Frozen banana, frozen cauliflower rice, almond milk and hibiscus powder. Hibiscus powder is a super fun ingredient I also found at my favorite page for healthy and organice products (just like carob powder and wild blueberry powder). I used to sometimes get iced hibiscus tea at Starbucks many many years ago and I really liked the flavor! I don’t even know if they still have it since I haven’t been to one in at least ten years. So when I saw hibsicus powder, I was super intrigued!

The taste is very tart, yet delicate if that makes any sense to you? Very fruity and strong in flavor – and the color is absolutely stunning! I want to experiment more with it and try it in other drinks for sure!

The preparation of this drink is super easy. I just blended all the ingredients together in my strong blender and the result was this bright purple super refreshing drink. The sweetness of the banana is just perfect to offset the tartness of the hibiscus. I’ve had a it few times on the side of my breakfast now and I cannot wait for this to become a regular once the weather is nice and warm!

I also topped the drink with a few fresh blueberries and some hemp seeds for extra texture and flavor. The blueberries work very well in this drink and I love hemp seeds on anything!

Will you make this for breakfast soon? Or how about my Acai Berry Power Smoothie Bowl?

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Total Time 10 mins
Servings: 1


This delicious healthy vegan smoothie contains only four ingredients - one of which is even a vegetable! It's a healthy and refreshing start into your day!



  1. Take bananas out of the freezer (if using whole bananas) and wait for 5 minutes so that they're easier to handle. Then peel and cut into slices. (see notes)

  2. Add to a blender together with frozen cauliflower rice, almond milk and hibiscus powder. Blend until smooth.

  3. Top with hemp seeds and a few fresh blueberries. Enjoy!


  • Bananas: the bananas should be ripe but NOT overripe! The banana taste is too strong if overripe for this recipe. I like to freeze it whole and then wait a few minutes after removing it from the freezer. Then I make a cut down the middle lengthwise and cut it into slices. It's easy to peel then.
  • Cauliflower rice: If you cannot get frozen cauliflower rice in your area, you can also grate a fresh (the fresher, the sweeter the taste!) cauliflower finely and freeze it in portions. Here's a good explanation on how to make cauliflower rice yourself. 
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