Homemade Rhubarb Lemonade

This delicious rhubarb lemonade has no additives and contains only 3 ingredients. It’s easy to make and can be turned into a wonderful cocktail as well!

I’m on such a rhubarb train at the moment! I just LOVE rhubarb so much, in anything really. Rhubarb muffins, rhubarb crumble, rhubarb cake… and rhubarb juice mixed with (sparkling) water has long been one of my favorite drinks to order at a restaurant. So this was the inspiration for this recipe! And what a hit it was!

In Germany a “Schorle” is a very common drink to order in a restaurant. It’s basically any kind of juice mixed with water (about 50/50). There’s all sorts of juices you can normally choose from – the standards being apple and orange. But often there’s also passion fruit, mango, rhubarb, currant and many more. Me being weird, I absolutely detest any sparkling drink so I always ask for it to be made with still water instead. Which is one of the reasons this lemonade is not sparkling either!

This lemonade is actually really easy to make. It does, however, require some time. The flavors (and also the color of the drink) intensify when the rhubarb mixture is left to cool down for a couple of hours. Other than that, you just have to chop the fresh rhubarb and simmer it with sugar and water for 20 minutes. Plus the actual squeezing of the cooked rhubarb through a tight sieve. So it’s very little work for a truly delicious drink!

I don’t drink alcohol much but I bet this would be delicious as a cocktail base as well! The one kind of alcohol that I like is gin so obviously I am tempted to add gin to this. I’m sure it would be so good! Please let me know if you try it with alcohol!

But it’s also really lovely and delicious with added lime juice, lots of ice cubes and some mint. Super refreshing on a hot day like the ones we had last week. I found that adding 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed lime juice was perfect for each tall glass of rhubarb lemonade.

Will you make this lemonade soon? Or how about making my Pistacchio Energy Balls?

Homemade Rhubarb Lemonade

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 20 mins Rest Time 3 hrs Total Time 3 hrs 30 mins
Servings: 5


This delicious rhubarb lemonade has no additives and contains only 3 ingredients. It's easy to make and can be turned into a wonderful cocktail as well!



  1. Wash the rhubarb and chop into pieces. Add to a pot together with the sugar and water. Bring to a boil, then lower the temperature and simmer for 20 minutes. Take off the heat. 

  2. Let stand and cool off for about 2 hours. 

    Press all through a tight sieve and fill into one or two bottles (depending on the size). Put in the fridge for at least an hour so it's properly cold. 

    Keep in the fridge until used up. 

  3. Serving suggestion: to a tall glass of rhubarb lemonade, add 1 tbsp of lime juice, lots of ice cubes and some fresh mint. Enjoy!


This recipe makes about 1.5 litres. 

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