Spinach & Feta Potato Fritters

These delicious easy-to-make fritters are the perfect way to use up leftover mashed potaotes! Pair them with juicy tomatoes and a creamy dill dip and you’ve got a winner!

When I make mashed potatoes, I somehow always end up making too much. Are you also like that? I guess my love for mashed potatoes is so big that I always think I’ll eat more than I actually will. But leftovers are great! If you know what to do with them. This dish is a great way to use up those leftover mashed potaotes – you might even make more on purpose in the future!

Spinach and feta cheese is one of those classic combinations that you find for example in Greek dishes like spanakopita (a spinach and feta phyllo pastry pie). I was definitely inspired by that dish and since herbs like dill are normally used in spanakopita, I made sure to also include dill in my mixture.

Dill is so underrated anyways! I love using fresh or dried dill in dips, dressings and dishes like chicken salad. It’s a wonderful herb and I’m always excited to include it in new recipes! Dill works so well here with the flavors of spinach and feta – so well indeed that I also paired the fritters with a dill dip!

The dip is a simple mixture of yogurt, salt and dried dill. Sometimes simple is the best! Plus the whole dish comes together so fast which makes it perfect for lunch. Or brunch! This would for sure be a big hit at any brunch gathering! You could easily make the fritters ahead of time and either serve them cold or warm them up in the oven or in a microwave.

Pair the fritters with fresh cherry or date tomatoes and you’ve got the perfect lunch! Crispy fritters with juicy slightly sweet tomatoes and a cool creamy dip. My husband was so in love with those fritters that he immediately asked me to make them again soon!

Will you make these fritters soon? Or how about my Millet & Parmesan Fritters?

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 30 mins Rest Time 20 mins Total Time 1 hr
Servings: 3


These delicious easy-to-make fritters are the perfect way to use up leftover mashed potaotes! Pair them with juicy tomatoes and a creamy dill dip and you've got a winner!





  1. Defrost the spinach cubes 20 minutes before making the fritter batter. 

    When defrosted, squeeze out as much moisture as you can and chop into pieces.

  2. To a bowl, add the defrosted chopped spinach, leftover mashed potatoes, dried dill, salt, garlic powder and eggs. Mix together very well.

  3. Heat up 1 tsp of olive oil in a pan. When hot, add 1 heaped tbsp of the potato batter per pancake. Flatten with the spoon, then fry for 4-5 minutes on each side. Press down after flipping.

  4. Repeat with the rest of the batter but add 1 tsp of olive oil for each batch. 

  5. For the dip, mix together yogurt, salt and dill. Serve on the side of the fritters. Enjoy!


This recipe makes 14 fritters which is enough for 3 people if served with a salad on the side.

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