The Best Herb Butter Ciabatta

This Herb Butter Bread leaves an explosion of flavors in your mouth! It’s super easy and quick to make and the perfect side dish for soup or salad. The secret to it’s yumminess lies in the herbs used!

The Best Herb Butter Ciabatta Recipe

I know what you’re thinking. At first, this may just look like your regular herb butter bread. Minus the garlic. But bear with me. This is the BEST Herb Butter Bread ever. The amount of times I have been asked to make this in the past few months is insane. My family and friends absolutely LOVE this bread and I get it. It really is just that good.

I have literally made this recipe at least once a week for the past 2 months. And my family keeps asking for more! In particular my youngest is totally in love with it but we all love eating it.

So what makes this Herb Butter Bread different to others? The kind of herbs I use!

To be honest, this recipe was born out of the necessity to put something on the table. It was a good friend’s birthday and we spontanously invited her and her family for dinner. I made pasta and salad but wanted to put something else on the table. Now, garlic or herb bread is always a winner but I had hardly ever made it myself before. Which is kind of weird given how super easy it is. But anways, the only fresh herbs I had in my fridge were parsley and dill. Dill might at first seem like an odd choice but it just makes that bread. It really gives it that EXTRA awesome flavor.

And it’s important that you use more dill than parsley. I tried it with equal amounts and it’s just kind of … meh. But with extra dill, it’s out of this world. You COULD add garlic as well but my husband isn’t great with garlic so I never add it to this herb butter mixture and can’t promise it will be as good.

I like using a ciabatta because I love this kind of bread but you could also use a baguette. As long as it’s a part baked bread – one that still needs to finish baking in the oven! That’s important! After mixing your herbs, spices and butter and blending it all together (nobody wants big chunky pieces of herbs), you make incisions in the bread. Then you smear the herb butter on each side of the slices and bake it according to the packge. It really couldn’t be any easier. But it’s super delicious!!

I love serving this bread alongside salad and grilled chicken. Or with a vegetable soup. It really goes great with everything! It would also be fantastic for a potluck!

When will you be making this bread as a side dish? Or how about The Best Potato Wedges Ever?

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 10 mins Rest Time 5 mins Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 4


This Herb Butter Bread leaves an explosion of flavors in your mouth! It's super easy and quick to make and the perfect side dish for soup or salad. The secret to it's yumminess lies in the herbs used!



  1. Pre-heat the oven according to the package instructions of your ciabatta bread. In my case it was 200°C (392°F). Cover the baking tray with parchment paper. 

  2. Make incisions in the ciabatta about every 2 cm but don't cut all the way through. 

  3. Put the butter, herbs and salt in a blender and blend until all is smooth and combined. 

  4. Spread the herb butter on each side of the incision. 

  5. Bake according to the package instructions (in my case it was 10 minutes). Let cool off for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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