Bio Photo Andrea Epstein (The Spicy Pineapple)

Hi, I’m Andrea! A mum of 3 boys and a wife to a wonderful husband. We live in Munich, Germany, but my husband has his roots in Cape Town, South Africa, which sometimes influences my cooking.

I have been very interested in cooking and all topics related to food for as long as I can remember. In fact, I already took my first cooking course at the age of 6. Trust me, it wasn’t the kind of food that I would cook today, but it definitely sparked a passion inside me. For a long time, I aspired to be a chef with my own restaurant, but when the time came to choose a career path, I chose English instead. My love for the English language is almost as strong as the one for cooking. After working in the field of translation for a few years, I changed my career path to become a freelance fine art photographer. I was quite successful for a few years, even winning a couple of awards, but after my youngest son was born in 2016 I lacked the time (and, to be honest, inspiration due to lack of sleep) to continue down that path.

Given that food has always been a passion of mine, it seems only natural to return to my roots, if you will. Cooking, testing and coming up with my own recipes gives me so much pleasure and sharing it with my youngest and seeing the joy on his face when I tell him what I am working on for my blog makes it even more worthwhile.

So, welcome to my blog! Yummy food is my passion and I’d like to share that with you. I hope you enjoy my recipes and that I can spark your passion for cooking just like someone once sparked mine!

Love, Andrea