Delicious Discoveries

Delicious Discoveries Vol. 38

We had such a lovely week last week and I cannot get over how much fun we had! We went to the southern most tip of Africa which is a very wild and utterly beautiful part that we’ve been to a few times before. We found a dead 2 metre long shark washed up on the rocks which was both sad and very fascinating to see. And makes you not want to swim there! We only have a few days left and I cannot believe it’s already the end of our vacation!

This week I shared three new recipes on my blog! My Salted Caramel Cauliflower Porridge is a wonderful, healthy yet decadent breakfast! You should definitely make my Spicy Vegan Eggplant Dip as a wonderful dip, condiment or sandwich spread! And my Leek in vegan “cheese” sauce is one of my favorite creamy side dishes!

Check out this week’s Delicious Discoveries:

Quick cottage cheese buns … they look so fluffy!

Carrot, Walnut & Red Lentil Hummus … I love all kinds of hummus!

Harissa Baked Chicken Meatballs with Couscous & Yogurt …. I love it!

Mango baked in coconut sugar with coconut ice cream … ummmm yes please!!!

Onion & Spinach Pakoras with Mint Raita … a great starter!

Easy Pistacchio Chocolate Baklava … I LOVE pistacchio!!

Black Rice & Sweet Potato Salad with Crispy Chickpeas … sounds amazing!

Mini Apple Galettes with Almond Fragipani … so cute!

Marinated Goat Cheese Spread … love all dips and spreads!

Smoked Trout Kale Salad with Haloumi & Tahini Dressing … sounds so good!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!! Did you have any adventures?

Andrea xx

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