Delicious Discoveries

Delicious Discoveries Vol. 56

We are finally back at home from Italy and omg I miss it already! Italy just holds a special place in my heart and having gone to the same place for all my life just means it’s some kind of home. We ate so much yummy food while we were there (cheese especially!) and generally had the best time splashing in the waves and enjoying the beach! We were at Lake Garda and then close to Venice (which is where my absolute favorite ice cream place in the whole world is!!).

I had prepared a Delicious Discoveries to post from Lake Garda but internet was really a problem on our trip and so I couldn’t post it unfortunately. So here’s my last six recipes!

The week before last week I posted three new recipes on my blog! My Whole30 Sweet Potato Breakfast is fantastic if you want something warm, sweet and comforting yet healthy! My Legume Risoni & Tuna Casserole is the ultimate grain-free comfort food! And my Vegan Chocolate & Peanut Smoothie Bowl is so refreshing and ultra delicious!

And last week I posted three new recipes on my blog! My Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup is so ultra smooth and creamy! My Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake is the perfect easy showstopper dessert! And my Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are absolutely delicious!

Check out this week’s Delicious Discoveries:

Smoky Mushroom Tacos … yes please!

Whipped Ricotta Tiramisu Cannoli … Italy in a nutshell!

White Chicken Carprese … looks so good!

Coconut Tapioca Pudding … I so love this dessert!

Crispy Vegan Onigiri … I absolutely love onigiri!

Cucumber Gin & Tonic Sorbet … sounds delicious!

Parmesan Pesto Roasted Potatoes … a whole plate for me please!

Pistacchio Drop Cookies … oh wow the colour!

Chicken in Butternut and Mushroom Cream Sauce … sounds divine!

Everything Bagel Soft Pretzel Knots … I want one!

Have a lovely weekend! Did you also go away?

Andrea xx

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